Estate Sales

An estate sale in your home is typically held for one of the following reasons:

  • Family loss (death, divorce)
  • Moving
  • Downsizing
  • Divesting

Pricing items for an estate sale is different from an appraisal, as it relies on eyeball estimates and no formal documentation is involved. Pricing items realistically and accurately can be tricky for the inexperienced. Landmark Estates Services is highly qualified to price items to sell for top dollar based on current market demand. Since we work with both buyers and sellers, we are able to keep current with pricing and provide a service that is beneficial to both.

Our on-site staff of sales coordinators will research, price, and arrange your goods, promote the event, conduct the sale and provide a post-sale analysis. Landmark will occasionally combine estates to maximize prospects when individual estate contents are not sufficient for our typical two or three day estate sales.

Landmark Estate Services customer database

To facilitate estate sales, an e-mail announcement is sent to our growing local database of over 4500 Landmark subscribers, which includes a slideshow of key pieces and a colorful description of the event. This results in the attendance of well qualified buyers at all Landmark events, often prepared to buy what has been pre-selected in advance from the announcement.

Internet Auction houses

For fine art and high-quality collectables, we often participate in qualified Internet auctions. Landmark evaluates and recommends the appropriate online venue, and handles all aspects of the auction, including professional photography, research, and shipping. These efforts can reach an international audience, potentially yielding a far higher sales price than would be attainable in the local market.

The Landmark Warehouse store and On-line store

Landmark Estates Services offers two strong venues for the sale of quality goods. The Landmark Warehouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico maintains a store full of one-of-a-kind treasures for sale to the public 6 days a week. We feature items on consignment as well as fine inventory from estate sales. Special treasures or unique categories of goods are featured on our Landmark On-line store as well, reaching a competitive, international market in an instant.